About Us

The Technology Test Kitchen, with its rotating cast of players, is malleable, iterative and adaptive. The physical components of the space are not in and of themselves remarkable – a pipe-and-draped area in a conference exhibit hall peppered with emerging technology, displays for web content, and recording devices to capture the experience. Rather, the power of the Technology Test Kitchen comes from its role as playful, collaborative space for exploration and discussion of possibilities, with a focus on pedagogy over technology. At its best, it is messy – a feature that is inherent in all learning spaces constructed to best meet the differentiated needs of the learners present. Participants are empowered by the fact that they are called to be creators of knowledge, actively contributing rather than passively watching a traditional sit-and-get conference session. For a space with technology in the name, the commodity has never been the tools, but rather the interpersonal connections and pedagogical ideation that occurs through the practice of inquiry and assessment. Knowledge is shared without prescriptive goals or directives, and individuals are encouraged to share their moonshot ideas and bigger questions in a space where the freedom to fail is a requirement. The messiness of iteration is intentional and key to the experience, with past mistakes valued for their importance as much as past successes. Best of all, participants inherently understand that the most satisfying solutions come from unpacking challenges in a collaborative context, and their passion for bringing in other likeminded folk is what drives their practice.